Online Workshop: What Should Parents Do If Their Children Have Tantrums And Anxiety

“We have no idea why our children cannot stop sobbing, and it is breaking our hearts.”

Being a parent can be very difficult when dealing with their children’s incomprehensible actions, from shouting to sobbing or even injuring themselves. This can leave parents confused and stressed as to how to as how to deal with these situations. Even though we know that children go through psychological changes as they grow older, it is still very difficult for parents and children to communicate when they may not speak the same language.


Little Em’s Academic Team, including Ms. Ngoc Cham and Mr. Hoang Lam, will be joined by Ms. Dieu Anh, a Master of Clinical Psychology of Early Childhood, in the final topic of our online parenting workshop series “DISTANCING” TO BECOME … CLOSER, to discuss about WHAT SHOULD PARENTS DO IF THEIR CHILDREN HAVE TANTRUMS AND ANXIETY.

Please share with us your concerns/questions via messages and comments, and we will work together to find strategies through the Little Em’s Pre-school Fanpage on Saturday, July 31st, 2021 at 7pm.