In the joyful atmosphere of the New Year and a new chapter, Little Em’s is looking back on the past journey with ambivalent feelings. Each family in the Little Em’s community has held hands to firmly walk through the harsh two years of 2020 and 2021. We felt delighted to celebrate Little Em’s one-year-old milestone, but we also felt sad about being apart from our children. Then we felt excited again to be able to connect with children and families through the connection programme “Little Em’s at Home“. Facing and overcoming challenges together makes Little Em’s cherish more precious moments in our community; as a social activist, the familiar figure of the 20th century – Helen Keller – shared, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. When the storm has passed, Little Em’s feels rewarded to be continuously supported by the community.

However, Little Em’s knows that many children are waiting to discover the world in their own ways, explore their innate potentials, and open new doors of opportunities. Now the wait is over! Little Em’s is pleased to introduce the Installment programme “EXPLORE A FULFILING EXPERIENCE, SPARK JOY IN YOUR CHILD”.

The programme’s goal is to provide every child with the most fulfiling experience of learning to make them feel the happiest on their development journey, with the accompany of their families and the school. The programme brings the following values:

  • 100% support for admission and registration fees
  • Choose packages of 6 months, 12 months, 36 months and make payment in monthly installment
  • Include diverse value incentives and offers

The programme is a way for Little Em’s to share with our future “little suns” and the current members of Reggio Emilia Approach® community. By supporting each other, we will start a new journey with warm rays of sunshine and laughter in this natural wonderland. Our children are growing up day by day, so the educational journey cannot be delayed. Let’s join Little Em’s to bring this unique opportunity to our “little suns” in the school year 2022 so that all the efforts today will make a strong foundation for our children’s bright futures. And most importantly, let the community’s love and support brighten up the smiles of your children!

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