A seamless learning path with a consistent curriculum is what parents desire for their children’s transition from preschool to junior school. Being the children’s companion since their early childhood and having witnessed their development milestones, Little Em’s wishes to cherish and nurture the values and potentials we have cultivated together.
Therefore, Little Em’s and North London Collegiate School HCMC are pleased to offer the Little Em’s families the Companion Programme from Kindergarten to Primary School “BUILD TRUST TO ENLIGHTEN THE FUTURE “ with the core values: 4 YEARS OF TUITION FEES FOR CHILDREN TO ENJOY 7 YEARS OF AN OUTSTANDING EDUCATION JOURNEY. Children will start their journey of exploring and developing personal identity at Little Em’s k from 4 to 6 years old, and then discover and unleash their potentials during5 years of primary education at NLCS HCMC, the first academically selective co-educational school with an exceptional dual language immersion programme.
Little Em’s teachers hope to build trust with parents on the basis of expertise, passion, and care. We wish to cultivate and nurture your children with love in a healthy environment, and give them a consistently exceptional education so that they can flourish and fly high wherever they go.
Let Little Em’s accompany and help your child shape their bright futures starting now!