“Little Em’s at Home” is born to remove geographical barriers to accompany parents and children on their growing journey.

Our experts’ devotion is to give our children a meaningful online connection programme at home and to consistently support parents in promoting their children’s growth and development.


Gathering at the lovely home – “the first school”, the most important starting point of the children’s journey of exploration and experience.

Accompanying by their parents – children’s first teachers.

Following the Reggio Emilia Approach®, “Little Em’s at Home” acts as a glue that holds together the disjointed parts to help families create a suitable education environment for children at home. Through fostering communication and establishing connections, we will build a solid foundation for our children to unleash their curiosity, stretch their creative wings, and develop their potentials and ideas through “100 languages”.

Together, we will go through the golden years of children’s development, 0 to 6 years old, and make our children’s growth the most wholesome and dynamic journey with all our love and support.


Every child is the priceless “gift” of love whom parents cherish and wish the best for. Parents always stand behind and watch every single step, stumble, and rise of their children. For these “gifts” to shine brighter, parents need to understand their children, know how to help them face and overcome challenges, and how to evoke and inspire them. The family’s growing journey will never be lonely as Little Em’s will always accompany and support family, whether at school or home.

Thoughtfully curated materials ready to use and “knock” each family’s door
with teachers through
the virtual sessions
Lively and uplifting meetings and activities
Always give attentive ears
to parents’ feedback
to develop a deeper understanding
and better support families through developmental milestones
Interactive and playful virtual sessions designed for each specific age group from 18 months to 6 years old
The quinessence of
the orginal Reggio Emilia Approach®
is fully preserved in
“Little Em’s at Home”
Enriching children’s experience in a connecting and playful environment jointly created by their parents and teachers
Materials are carefully curated for each specific age group
Promoting the physical and mental development of children through various activities in Little Em’s at Home’s enrichment programmes:

Yoga Planet class

Kindermusik class

Movement activities in all interactive lessons


“Little Em’s at Home” is born to help parents fulfil their best wishes for their children’s future despite the unpredictable social changes. As the first official Reggio Emilia Approach® preschool in Vietnam, Little Em’s professional team has poured their hearts and souls into creating this connecting and support programme, with an aim of offering an original and exciting experience in terms of both space and time that would strengthen the bonds between children, parents, and the school.

Reggio Corner - atelier
at home

As the Reggio Emilia Approach®’s spirit “School is Life”, teachers will give detailed suggestions on the design and materials that would help parents and children turn a corner of the house into a small “atelier” where children’s ideas would come to life.

Live Classes

To best assist children and parents in maintaining a healthy living rhythm and connecting with friends and society, a scientifically designed schedule for playing and bonding time will be provided to families

Suggested menu

Delicious and nutritious food will be thoroughly researched and delivered to families by the school to help parents ensure a healthy diet for their children.

A resource platform

The school is committed to supporting parents to build a strong connection with children by continuously making suggestions on bonding activities (play, read a book, listen to music, etc.) and resources (pictures, films, instructions, illustrations, etc.) for parents and children.