Little Em's at Home


“Little Em’s at Home”, a rich and meaningful online connection programme for early learning, is now available to all families from home.
The fully structured guidances designed by our experts to empower and support parents in promoting their children’s growth and development consistently.



Home is the first and the most important place where children start to explore and experience the world.

Every parent naturally wants to spend quality time with their children.

Establishing a communicative and understanding relationship with their children is the key to good quality time.

According to the Reggio Emilia Approach®, Little Em’s firmly believe that every child has an innate ability to learn, explore, and express themselves through “100 languages”, and that parents are their children’s first teachers. Therefore, Little Em’s aspires to accompany parents and children through the golden years of children’s development, 0-6 years old, with all of our love and support, making their growth journey the most meaningful and loving ones. 

EVERYTHING IS on the way

We understand that parents play an irreplaceable role in children’s growth and development. Each child is a treasure. As we go through every developmental milestone, we will understand and unlock their treasure piece by piece.
During “Little Em’s at home”, our experienced educators will work closely with parents and children to support and inspire parents to have a wonderful and playful quality time at home with their children.

Little Em's at Home

Thoughtfully curated materials
that are ready to use
and “knock” each
family’s door


Active engagement
with teachers and
the materials
through virtual sessions


Virtual sessions
that are promised
to be full of social
and passionate interactions,
and linguistic
and active activities.


Reflection and feedback
sessions between parents
and teachers to
develop a deep understanding
of children’s developmental milestones
and how to support them


Playful and interactive virtual
sessions are carefully designed
to engage each age group

from 18 months to 6 years old.


The curriculum was designed
and structured
to the Reggio Emilia Approach®,
and officially certified
by Reggio Emilia Italy.


Our teachers always
work closely with families

to create a playful
and interactive environment
where children can
immerse themselves in learning
and have
a valuable experience


Materials are carefully curated
for specific age groups

Little Em's at Home
As Little Em’s understands that physical health is vital to children’s holistic development, “Little Em’s at home” offers virtual enrichment programmes including:

Yoga Planet class

Kindermusik class

Movement activities
in all interactive lessons

"Little Em's at home"

We are proud to be the only official Reggio Emilia Approach® Pre-school in Viet Nam. Our academic team and teachers have designed the "Little Em's at home" project to create the most authentic and holistic learning experiences for children despite the changes in society. Furthermore, we aim to continuously promote their social and emotional skills – one of the five most important children’s developmental aspects. Therefore, the "Little Em's at home" project offers an exciting playing and learning experience in a new learning context, thus significantly strengthens the relationships between children, parents, and teachers.


Reggio Corner (or "atelier")
at home

Embracing the Reggio Emilia® Approach's idea - "school is life" - we will give detailed suggestions to help parents and children turn your own house and surroundings into a "home atelier"


Live Classes

To assist children and parents with creating and maintaining a healthy learning rhythm at home, we provide a scientifically designed timetable that features real-time sessions with children on weekdays. Our "little suns" will continue participating in learning projects and activities that promote their holistic development.


Suggested menu

We have carefully researched to design nutritious and delicious menus, together with suggestions on how parents can ensure a healthy diet for their children.


A resource platform

Last but not least, Little Em's assures to accompany parents in these strange times and offers an interactive platform with high-quality educational resources in order to enhance children's and parents' learning experiences and connection at home.

Little Em's at Home