About Us

Is to inspire each student to discover their unique potential, bringing their knowledgable mind and caring heart to the best version of themselves and contribute to creating the best version of the world.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Understanding
  • Responsibility

Is to support young people in the journey to discover who they are, what they care deeply about and how to successfully navigate their way through life in a rapidly changing world.

Our COMPASS of PURPOSE is epitomized by the four cardinal points:


  • Developing a thoughtful and caring generation who treat themselves, others, and all things around them with empathy, compassion, and respect.


  • Developing principled and reflective thinkers and doers who thrive for honesty and justice.


  • Developing open-minded and knowledgable inquirers who always have the space to be curious and strive to cultivate locally rooted global competence.


  • Developing responsible young people who hold themselves accountable for their actions, who have a commitment to service and act to create positive differences in the world that we live in.

With these CORE VALUES, by which we live our vision, our students will discover their true purpose and become the future Ambassadors for Life.