Student Life



At Little Em’s, proper nutrition is a priority. The children’s diet and nutrition are properly supervised according to regulations of the Department of Health and Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Food Safety & Hygiene. We also give special attention to religious and cultural aspects.

We are fortunate that our menu has been designed by one of Vietnam’s great international chefs, in Luke Nguyen. He brings his passion and expertise of both Vietnamese and International cuisine to our children, giving them variety, quality and a sense of adventure as he explores the culinary world to educate our children of the different food cultures that exist.

Children at our school are supplied with fresh fruits, organic vegetables, lean meats and whole grains that are good for brain development and optimal growth. All meals for children are prepared on campus for quality-assurance and we cater to their different needs. We refrain from using artificial flavorings and seasonings in our cooking, and we use the natural flavors instead. None of the food we serve is GMO.

Our menu is created in collaboration with top nutritional experts. Our beverage choices are water and fresh fruit smoothies. We occasionally serve fresh juices but do not serve processed, bottled juices or any other sugary drinks. Although our food is rich in flavors, we strive to keep our meals low in sodium and sugar.


At Little Em’s, children’s learning and playing environment is kept safe and clean according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Training. We have also implemented a Misting System to purify the air for our children and reduce the pollution in our environment.

Our children receive periodical general health, dental health check-ups and daily healthcare by the school’s medical professional and reputable healthcare organizations in the city.

“Ensuring that every child feels a sense of security and belonging within the school enables each child to accept and participate actively in transforming situations that are part of learning experiences” – Loris Malaguzzi.


As one of the 3 pillars of the Reggio Emilia Approach®, alongside the teacher and the environment, the responsibilities that parents play is an irreplaceable role in their child’s development. Parents make up the community – that is why we believe it is integral that parents are deeply engaged with our school’s programs. Parents’ involvement can take many forms, and we hope that all parents will find meaningful ways to participate in their child’s development at home, by playing with the child, having dinner with the child, reading bedtime stories to the child or taking the child to different places on weekends. Only parents can do these things with the most effective impact on their child’s development of intellect, language, communication, confidence and above all, building a positive family bonding – a strong foundation for the child’s successful social relationships and career in later life.

Here at Little Em’s, parents are part of a unique community with only 80 families, experiencing the first pre-school in Vietnam with Reggio Children. We are representing not only our children, but also Vietnam.


In order to assist the process of engagement with our parent community, we use an application called STORY PARK, to record and communicate learning as it happens via photos, video, audio and observations within a secure online environment. Parents will be able to receive instant feedback and plan new ways to extend their child’s unique interests and abilities at home. We believe in utilizing the most efficient and innovative ways through technology, to connect and grow our community.


Parents and other family members are welcome to come into the classroom and share their special skills, interests and experiences with the children.

Possibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Reading a book or telling a story

2. Playing an instrument, teaching new songs

3. Teaching a dance or exercise program, such as yoga

4. Gardening and planting

5. Field trip supervision

6. Leading or assisting in special projects: story telling, book reading, carpentry, sewing, music, cooking, science or math experiments, cultural experiences, etc.

7. Construction or collection of materials for Little Em’s use such as paint aprons, raw materials for art projects, clothes for dress-up/pretend play, dramatic play props, carpentry materials, etc.

8. Attending or planning parent workshops

9. Fund-raising for community services

10. Eating morning snack, lunch, or afternoon snack with your child – Little Em’s would require 24 hours in advance if you will be eating lunch with your child, so an appropriate number of lunches can be ordered.


Little Em’s has a network of national and international experts/collaborators in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Education, Natural Sciences, Nutrition and Health, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion… and we offer regular training and sharing of expertise and methods of childcare and child education for parents and caregivers at home. The goal of this expertise sharing is to help integrate parents and family caregivers with our authentic Reggio Emilia Approach®, as what happens at home is critically important for the continuation of the learning process during the day at school, and vice versa. We understand that our education at school cannot be successful unless the care and development of children at home is implemented in a scientific and aligned manner.