Little Em’s is organising a virtual Open Day and looking forward to welcoming parents who want to pursue inspiring values for their children’s education. Joining the Open Day, parents can listen to and have a direct discussion with the Little Em’s Academic team about the core values ​​​​that the Reggio Emilia Approach® aspires to cultivate in children ages 18 months to 6 years old

Online Open Day: Proudly Promoting Our Children’s Rights And Potentials With The Official Reggio Emilia Approach®

We cordially invite parents to join Little Em’s virtual Open Day to meet our experts and learn more about our educational philosophy and useful programmes. This is also a great opportunity to discuss and learn how we can best prepare for our children’s development journey from 18 months to 6 years old

Online Parenting Workshop Preparing Mental And Physical Health For Your Children In The “New Normal”

We warmly welcome parents to our Online Parenting Workshop, designed for parents with children under six years old

Online Workshop: What Should Parents Do If Their Children Have Tantrums And Anxiety

Being a parent can be very difficult when dealing with their children’s incomprehensible actions, from shouting to sobbing or even injuring themselves. This can leave parents confused and stressed as to how to as how to deal with these situations. Even though we know that children go through psychological changes as they grow older, it is still very difficult for parents and children to communicate when they may not speak the same language.

Online Workshop: How To Build Quality Time For Your Children

When our children enter our lives, they bring an unexplainable bond that ensures a life-long connection. However, in these complex times, the family unit can be under immense pressure from many aspects of modern life which may contribute to a lack of quality time with each other, and thus the gap between family members can grow.

Online Workshop: Parents And Children Overcoming Significant “Changes” Together

Our daily lives are influenced by a variety of events, and change is an inevitable aspect of them. We have to deal with small changes, major changes or abrupt changes. Regardless of the type of changes, they can be difficult to both embrace and overcome.