Workshop: Creative Education In Early Childhood

“The child
is made of one hundred.
The child has
a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking…” – Loris Malaguzzi 

On the 13th December 2020, Little Em’s Pre-school proudly presents a “Creative Education in Early Childhood” workshop for parents of children aged from 18 months to 4 years old to explore and nurture “100 languages” of children through the Reggio Emilia Approach®️.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear Mr. Ted Farraday – Vice-President of Embassy Education and Director of Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) speak about Creative Education in Early Childhood
  • Discuss the Reggio Emilia Approach®️” in Vietnamese context with Ms. Van Anh – Principal of Little Em’s Pre-school
  • Have a Q&A with Little Em’s Academic Team
  • Visit our world-class facilities

2020 is also a special year where we celebrate 100 years of Loris Malaguzzi, Founder of Reggio Emilia Approach®. We are honored to present our special offers to build the official Reggio Emilia Approach® Community in Vietnam as outlined in the information below:

  •  A Development Support Fund amount of up to 100,000,000 VND* (One hundred million Vietnamese Dong)
  • Special offer of 100% registration fee of 20,000,000 VND (Twenty million Vietnamese Dong)
  • Special offer of 100% assessment fee 3,000,000 VND (Three million Vietnamese Dong)

At Little Em’s Pre-school, recognized by Reggio Children (Italy) as the only official partner to implement the Reggio Emilia Approach®️ in Vietnam, we believe that children are our future and play a key role in building a sustainable society. Therefore, they have the right to have opportunities to nurture their “100 languages”, so they can explore their own questions in an environment of inclusivity, respect, integrity, and understanding.

We cordially invite you to attend our unique event to explore the children’s “100 languages” and learn of the many ways to unlock their potential at Little Em’s Pre-school.


  • Time: 9:00 am, Sunday, 13th December 2020
  • Location: Little Em’s Pre-School, 21 Pham Ngoc Thach, D.3, HCMC