Online Workshop: How To Build Quality Time For Your Children

When our children enter our lives, they bring an unexplainable bond that ensures a life-long connection. However, in these complex times, the family unit can be under immense pressure from many aspects of modern life which may contribute to a lack of quality time with each other, and thus the gap between family members can grow.

In the next topic, HOW TO BUILD QUALITY TIME FOR YOUR CHILDREN, part of the online parenting workshop series “DISTANCING” TO BECOME…CLOSER, Little Em’s and our experts share tips on how to spend quality time with each other.


Ms. Dieu Anh, a Master of Clinical Psychology in Early Childhood will be joined by Ms. Nhu Doan, Little Em’s Lead Teacher, to delve deeper into the current state of modern families, the impact of digital media and family fragmentation, as well as solutions for building quality time together.

Please send us your thoughts via messages or comments, and we hope to see you at the online session with our experts.

Join us on our Little Em’s Pre-school Fanpage on Saturday, July 24th, 2021, at 7pm.