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The Botanical Gardens

An experiential nature wonderland, The Botanical Gardens feature native Vietnamese plants from the Northern, Central and Southern regions of our country. With the global situation

The AquaLab

For the ever-curious mind of a Little Em’s child, water is an element that never ceases to amaze. Our AquaLab is not only a swimming

The Sensory PlayGarden

The Sensory PlayGarden, with its own vegetable patch and an oasis of herbs and spices, is a space where all our children’s senses will be

The Universe

In Building 1, children are invited to explore at the scale of the celestial world. In the Cosmos WonderLab, they can learn about the constellations.

Galileo’s Workshop

Galileo’s Workshop is inspired by the scientific study of the planets, which orbit the sun by astronomer Galieo Galilei. Galileo’s Workshop is a place for