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3 – 4 Year Old Class: The Cave Space

Inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful creations formed over thousands of years, children are invited to explore their very own “natural chamber” anchored in

4 – 5 Year Old Class: The Kaleidoscope

In this learning space, children explore the beauty and mystery of light and reflection. The Refraction Windows anchors this space, providing a magical backdrop for

5 – 6 Year Old Class: The Waves

Whether it’s sound waves, wavelengths or the waves of the ocean, our children will have the opportunity to study the science and art of the

Arts Atelier

Our children’s exploration of the many arts disciplines begins early on, as exposure will allow them to gain confidence in their creative abilities by engaging

Em’s Gallery

Children’s impressions and emotions are recorded at each stage of learning at Little Em’s through speeches, photos, works, and publications displayed at Em’s Gallery. Parents