One year older

The greatest joy in a birthday for children is not a big birthday cake, colorful balloons or lovely gifts but a warm and loving celebration with family, friends, teachers and their loved ones.

The very first birthdays of a child mark significant milestones for him or her. For the first time, a child is aware that he or she is one year older, maybe a centimeter taller, has more friends, has more discoveries and experiences and has learned more knowledge and skills. In other words, he or she is growing up!

The birthday party of a 4-year-old Spider-Man at Little Em’s Pre-school

A child knows that every person on the Earth, including his or her friends, parents and siblings, has a birthday each year. Birthdays are the beginning of a new age. He or she understands that his or her age is young now but will increase in the future. A child also realizes that even without a birthday celebration, everything around him or her has gotten older. Only at the campus of Little Em’s, he or she can name many old things such as the chicken in the yard, the frog in the pond, the bird on the branch, the flowers in the garden, or even the pre-school itself.

In addition, a child can tell that the huge mango tree in the Little Em’s schoolyard is many years old based on the number of wooden rings in the tree. The teacher once revealed the secret of the tree that each ring indicates a year the tree has existed, so the number of wooden rings is the tree’s age.

There is not a happier moment than when a child spends time with his family and loved ones on his birthday

At a birthday celebration, a child can find his or her presence in this beautiful life very wonderful when he or she receives love, care and blessings from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers and people around.

Little Em’s Pre-school wants all students’ birthdays to be special and warm. Therefore, on these days, the family comes to school together to celebrate the child’s birthday with friends and teachers.
The feeling of being together to celebrate something special not only reinforces family traditions and community traditions, but also enhances a child’s confidence. Little Em’s understands that birthdays help students establish deeper social relationships through a sense of companionship and friendliness with people around them.

The 4-year-old Spider-Man’s birthday received congratulatory attention from the superhero team “crossover” both Marvel and DC, including Batman, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk

Most childhood memories are not really memories, but experiences that are created unconsciously from lots of different sources, such as feelings, tastes and music. Therefore, a birthday story with a protagonist will leave positive, important and meaningful memories for a child on his or her future path.
Little Em’s birthday parties are decorated with smiles and joy. Then, the moment of blowing out the candles, sharing candies and toys and being with friends will be the greatest memories that children have as they grow up.

The 2-5-year-old Mickey Mouse and Disney Bear community at Little Em’s Pre-school congratulates 4-year-old Mickey’s birthday.