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What's Happening

Reggio Children partners with Embassy Education

Reggio Children, an Italian public-private company, announced on October 16 a partnership in the field of early childhood education with Vietnamese education group Embassy Education. …

What's Happening

Partnership between Reggio Children and Global Embassy to develop the first pre-school in Vietnam based on the Reggio Children Approach®️

HCMC – November 8th, 2019. “The future is a bright day”. The words of a 5-year-old pupil of a pre-school in Reggio Emilia, quoted by …

What's Happening

Embassy Education and Reggio Children launch Little Em Reggio Emilia preschool

Vietnamese education group Embassy Education and Italy’s Reggio Children has officially launched Little Em’s Preschool in Ho Chi Minh City. Little Embassy (abbreviated to Little …

What's Happening

Embassy Education & Reggio Children open first Reggio Emilia preschool

Vietnamese education group Embassy Education and Italy’s Reggio Children officially opened Little Em’s Preschool on November 8 in Ho Chi Minh City. Little Embassy (abbreviated …

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Preschool applying Italian educational method launched in HCMC

HCMC – Embassy Education of Vietnam and Reggio Children of Italy on November 8 launched Little Em’s, the first preschool in the country that applies …

What's Happening

Workshop: Creative Education In Early Childhood

On the 13th December 2020, Little Em’s Pre-school proudly presents a “Creative Education in Early Childhood” workshop for parents of children aged from 18 months to 4 years old to explore and nurture “100 languages” of children through the Reggio Emilia Approach®️.

Hội thảo tạo hình nghệ thuật My Family My Art

Visual Art Workshop: “My Family My Art”

Little Em’s Pre-school is honored to present Xeo Chu in the visual art workshop “My Family My Art” with the goal of encouraging our Little Em’s children to convey their own artistic language, and inspiring our students to become their best versions for themselves – to be future ambassadors!

Ngày hội trải nghiệm "Hành trình huyền bí tại lâu đài cổ tích"

Experience Day: Mystery Journey at Fairy Castle

Inspired by traditional costume parties from Western countries, Little Em’s Pre-school, proudly introduces our Experience Day “Mystery Journey at Fairy Castle”. This is an opportunity for parents who have children from 18 months to 4 years to come to see our school in action as well as travel to the magic wonderland at Little Em’s castle.

What's Happening

Experience Day: Mid-Autumn Festival through your children’s eyes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is not only one of the highlighted cultural events of Vietnam, but also a special day for children. On this occasion, Little Em’s Pre-School, proudly introduces our Experience Day 2020 ‘Mid-Autumn Festival through your children’s eyes’. This is an opportunity for parents who have children from 18 months to 4 years to come see our school in action.

What's Happening

Experience the magic of Little Em’s Pre-school with your child

As we begin the new school year for Vietnamese children, Little Em’s Pre-School, the first official school with Reggio Children, welcomes you and your child to our Wonderland of Discovery. 

What's Happening

Workshop: Understanding & Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Through The Reggio Emilia Approach®️.

This coming 16th, 20th & 23rd May, 2020, Little Em’s Pre-school & Global Embassy proudly present Little Em’s Admissions Days: Open Workshops for parents of children aged 2-5 “UNDERSTANDING & UNLOCKING YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL THROUGH THE REGGIO EMILIA APPROACH®️”.

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One year older

The greatest joy in a birthday for children is not a big birthday cake, colorful balloons or lovely gifts but a warm and loving celebration with family, friends, teachers and their loved ones.

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Physical activity: Let’s play!

How can teachers using the Reggio Emilia Approach® integrate nutrition and physical activity into their teaching?

What's Happening

Rainy season at Little Em’s

It has been raining these days. While the adults hurriedly sought shelter, children at Little Em’s Pre-school happily run outside to watch the rain.   …

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If you like, everything is a toy!

Through children’s eyes, a piece of wood or a rubber band can be inspired by countless games and thousands of interesting stories with fascinating details …

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Curiosity – A taste of learning

Sunlight shining through the windows formed a line on the floor, which was the shadow of the foliage outdoor. A little boy in the classroom …