Preschool Deputy Principal


  1. Develop and implement the school planning
    – District Office of Education &Training, and Board or Management
    – Implement the schoolyear planning
    – Supervise and evaluate the implementation of the schoolyear planning
  2. Academic management:
    – Consult the teacher’s team in applying Reggio Emilia Approach in Vietnamese Early Childhood Education Program
    – Evaluate the academic performance of teachers
  3. Student health care
    – Manage the school medical room, health care plan and documents required by the government.
    – Assign the school medical room and related offices to develop and implement the procedures and regulations of food hygiene and safety
    – In collaboration with the Operations teams, develop and implement the regulations on school security and safety, facility management
  4. Teachers management
    – Evaluate the performance of lead teachers, teachers
    – In collaboration with Special Rights Program Director, evaluate the performance of special rights teachers
    – Evaluate the performance of foreign teachers
  5. External Relations and Reports with government
    – Establish the relationship with the governmental offices, departments
    – Prepare academic, healthcare, operational reports requested by the government
    – Represent the school in the meetings or inspections of the government
  6. School administration
    – Supervise the system of academic portfolio and student health care portfolio by the government
  7. Student admission
    – In collaboration with the Marketing team, develop and implement the admission plan
  8. Recruitment
    – In collaboration with the HR office, recruit Vietnamese teachers, foreign teachers, caregivers and other staff
  9. Others:
    – In collaboration with Global Embassy, design and implement the training for teachers and staff
    – In collaboration with Global Embassy, implement the research project on Global Competence with Harvard Project Zero
    – Other tasks assigned by the Board of Management


  1. Degree in Early Childhood Education
  2. Certificate in Management of Preschool Principal
  3. At least 5-year experience in Preschool principal
  4. Computer and internet literacy
  5. Good in leadership, management
  6. Good in communication and Influencing others.

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